Gel Stain Cabinets

Cabinets can last longer if they are gel stained and not painted in the usual manner. You can always think of a face lift for them by gel painting them rather than throwing them into the attic as scrap. We tire of the way they tend to look on the outside. Yet, they might be still providing the function they are meant for. The face lift being the best option, you can give them a cool make over through painting or staining.

Paint or stain

Paints can dramatically change the look from dark to light the quickest possible way. It helps cover a lot of damages that way and completely get a new look for the cabinet.

Let the professional know the way they want to paint with the right sheen and direction. A bright white kitchen with spanking clean and painted cabinet looks good. On the other hand, if you prefer the cabinet to have the color of the wood, it is always better to go for staining. There are some cool stains that are in gel form and these go right over and the finishing is great. It can change the tint too. These might not work if you are planning to change the color from dark to light. Suppose you are looking to change the tint to an antique brown or a slightly reddish look it can work wonders. The grains however might remain visible.

Gel Stain CabinetsUpdating the cabinet while staining

Updating the cabinet can be much useful. You might have already installed an updated top for the counter so think of timeless color choices so that it suits the look as well.


The project or cabinet needs to be sanded properly and adequately before you apply the paint or stains. The sanding should be done with properly grained sand papers.  Sanding is ultimately necessary for a perfect finish. You have to be contented with the sanding process and grab a vacuum and get the sawdust off as much as you can. It is best to wipe off the cabinet with a tack cloth or some alcohol so that the vacuuming can be properly done. The denatured alcohol that you are using will in no way discolor the surface as it will evaporate quickly.

The process of gel staining

There are certain preparations to be followed if you want to go through a process. It will also save you a lot of headache. Gel Stain Cabinets can be cleaned first with a de-greaser. This will remove all the old marks and grease from off the cabinet. You have to then remove the doors and the frames and keep them separately. A light standing may be or may not be required while using the stain. You must decide on that according to the cabinet you are looking to paint. You can use a good primer and follow the directions for staining. When all this is done, add some hardware or new doors and frames and you have a brand new cabinet once again.

While working on gel staining the woodwork of your cabinet, you finally need to apply the gel stain properly. It is easy to apply and the advantages are great because such types of stains give a lot of color and depth to the wood. There are a number of things that must be considered before you venture out to utilize the use of these stains.

The right kind of application

It is important that you remember to apply the Gel Stain Cabinets and spread it on the wood quickly. You can then wipe that off by using a clean cloth. When you wipe the cabinet during the process, you must ensure that the depth and the color spreads evenly on the surface. The more the stain is wiped off the lighter it becomes. The best way to apply is spreading a generous amount of the stain on the surface and brushing it with a clean cloth. This might look like spreading a thick layer of stain on the uneven surface. It is done as long as it covers the whole area of the surface. You can read the manufacturer’s instructions first that tells you how long you must leave the stain on the surface before it is wiped off.

Accessories for work

Be sure to wear gloves while wiping the stain off with a clean cloth. Focus on the color you need and have it evened out properly to a level that is desired. Ventilation will be required while you are working with stains as they give out harmful fumes.